Ways To Use

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t worry, it’s totally normal! Here, you’ll find the foundation to start building your essential oil (EO) knowledge on. Because if I were to guess, you now have your oils and you’re probably wondering, “Well, now what?” So, let’s dive into this together starting with the 3 different ways you can use EO.

  1. Aromatically – Aromatic Use of Essential Oils
  2. Topically – Topical Use of Essential Oils
  3. Internally – Internal Use of Essential Oils


The beauty of all of this, is that you are in COMPLETE control and have the luxury to use any essential oil in any way that you’d like. Choosing a route can be difficult, but I always suggest starting aromatically. This gives you more play to pick and choose which aromas speak to you! Regardless of which route you choose, you’ll still be reaping all the therapeutic benefits of the EO.


Okay, so now let’s talk dilution. The reason for diluting essential oils is due to the fact that they are so highly concentrated. In order to dilute, you’ll want to choose what’s called a carrier oil. This can be any oil base such as fractionated coconut oil (FCO), almond oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, argan oil, avocodo oil, etc. You’re free to pick and choose which carrier oil works best for you! My all time go-to is FCO. The ratio chart below is based on mixing with 10mL of a carrier oil to make a rollerball blend. Always start on the low end of the drop ratio and increase from there for extra benefits. And bada-bing, bada-boom, you have your very first personalized EO blend! How exciting!!!


How Quickly Do Essential Oils Work?

You’ve made your rollerball and applied your new blend over your heart. So next question.. how long before this starts to work? Ahh, my favorite question! Not long, not long at all oil babes.

Picking Your Oil

Last but certainly not least is learning and identifying which essential oils can be used to support what. And trust me, there are A TON of options here.  But I’m going to provide you with a quick reference (cheat sheet) for helping you determine which essential oil to pick.


And there you have it, EO made simple! If you still have any lingering questions, let’s connect! I’m always here as your go-to essential oil guide and mentor. Essential oils are my passion and I LOVE sharing it with you. Chat with me!