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Just Breathe.

Do you ever feel guilty for a privilege you have that others are denied? Questioning “why me?” for something good happening to you when most ask the same question when something bad happens to them. Almost like an alternate universe playing out in your mind. Well, sometimes I feel guilty for living such a healthy life with Cystic Fibrosis while others are struggling to … Read More Just Breathe.

It’s A Birthday Par… Sleep In!

Today is my 27th birthday – closer to 30 than 20… WTF!! Now I know what you’re thinking, “This girl over here is still in her 20’s and she thinks she’s old, just wait until she hits 40, 50, 60, etc.” Let me start off by saying that that is in no way my thoughts. It is truly and honestly so surreal to me … Read More It’s A Birthday Par… Sleep In!


This Is The Introduction.

Allow me to introduce myself. Hi! I’m Kaitlin [Katie, Kate, Katiebug, Katiedid, Katiegirl, Katiecakes, Mrs. Standley, Mrs. S, Tippie, Tippiegirl, Tip(s)] Yeah, I think that about covers it. Anyone else have a million names!? Tippie is my maiden name and it’s just one of those names that’ll stick around, ya know? Regardless of how you get my attention, I hope this blog keeps yours! If … Read More This Is The Introduction.