I enrolled with dōTERRA almost 2 years ago. My initial reason was for personal use only and to learn more about this up and coming “essential oil craze”. I had purchased a few oils from a co-worker and dabbled here and there but didn’t really know what I was doing – let’s be honest. I’ll share with you this, I diffused my husband out of our bedroom with Breathe, dōTERRA’s respiratory blend. It smells similar to Vicks VapoRub and I only needed about 2-3 drops in the diffuser and I probably used close to 15… what an amateur move! #Rookie

Shortly after getting my oils and the whole diffuser incident, my mom and I attended an in-home oil class and instantly FELL IN LOVE!! Needless to say, we both officially joined the dōTERRA family and ordered our very own Family Essentials Kit.

I’ve mentioned before that I have CF and am also a nurse, so for me, it was all about finding a balance between natural solutions and modern medicine. And let me be the first to say that not only did I find the balance I’ve so eagerly yearned for, but also a passion that I didn’t know existed. It didn’t take long for these oils to make an impact on my day-to-day life that I felt the desire and drive to share with others. Since then, dōTERRA has become my side hustle, as I call it. And as for my mom, she also fell in love essentials oils, dōTERRA, and their mission. Together we’ve created Simply 65 Roses– Simply, Your Mother-Daughter Duo!

I’ve completely changed my lifestyle since then. On the daily, I use essential oils and other dōTERRA products for everything, literally everything! My best accomplishment yet is swapping out all of our household cleaners with some simple and easy DIY recipes, which I promise to share with you all. Can I get an “Amen” for toxin free cleaning products!? I use them to clean the counters, wash the dishes, tidy the bathrooms, shampoo the carpets, wash the laundry, brush my teeth, shower, calm the dogs, boost my mood, aid in sleep… you name it and these oils can be used for it!

My testimony: One of the health benefits I’ve achieved since starting with dōTERRA has been tackling my acid reflux. I was taking 40mg of Omeprazole once a day for well over 10 years and guess what? With the daily use of essential oils, I haven’t taken it in over a year, not once, nothing!

Please see disclaimer.

So out of all the companies out there offering essential oils, why did I choose dōTERRA? Specifically for their transparency and sourcing. I wanted to use their products to improve my health and in order to do that, I needed to make sure they were the real deal. Due to their third-party testing, every batch of essential oil goes through an 8 step testing process. This ensures that every single bottle is 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). And what I find to be even cooler, is that you can find out exactly where the bottle you own came from by typing in the code on the bottom of the bottle at dōTERRA means “Gift Of The Earth”. They have a global Co-Impact sourcing model, which means they source their oils where that plant grows and thrives best. Let’s say for example, you were given the choice to choose from an orange grown in Florida or an orange grown in Ohio, which would you choose? Uhhh, Florida! dōTERRA sets off into the world to seek and find the appropriate temperature, humidity and proper soil for each and every plant. This is so important because it gives these plants their highest therapeutic property. As if this wasn’t enough, when dōTERRA sources their oils from other countries, they are supporting small communities. Through their Healing Hands™ Foundation, they are able to work to bring lives free of poverty and disease. And THIS is what sets dōTERRA apart from ANY other company!

I could go on for centuries about dōTERRA and their products, but I’ll let the oils do the rest of the talking!

Much love,